It's time to call on the Government to #removetheban on prisoner voting immediately

10,000 people can't vote because of a law that breaches the Bill of Rights.

You can help change that.

Send a message to this Government by emailing an MP or Minister to let them know what you think.

We've created a template below. Simply copy the text below , find your MPs details here and send them a message.


Dear [Name of your MP or Minister],

Everyone should have a vote that counts. That includes those who are in prison. Voting is a right, not a privilege.

Last week the Court of Appeal upheld the decision by the High Court that the ban on prisoner voting was in conflict with the Bill of Rights. But people in prison are still not allowed to vote.

As my Member of Parliament, I call on you to take this issue to Parliament. With less than four months until the General Election, we need to urgently re-enfranchise prisoners, if we don't it undermines the legitimacy of the vote itself.

Support #removetheban by upholding our Bill of Rights.

Please stand with those who vote for you by giving back the right to vote to people in prison before this year’s  General Election.

Thank you,


[Insert your name]

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