Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland

  • - President - JustSpeak on Campus - University of Auckland

    Kevita is a Law and Arts student at the University of Auckland in her penultimate year, majoring in Criminology and Sociology with hopes to enter the criminal law legal profession. Kevita joined JustSpeak in 2014 to help understand the theories learned in criminology and sociology in a real life context. She has since been inspired to form JustSpeak on Campus, as she believed an on campus presence would help empower young people to have a voice in the conversation of criminal justice issues.

  • - National Communications Coordinator

    Grace is in her penultimate year of studying law, psychology and philosophy at the University of Auckland. She is passionate about youth justice and the issues surrounding mental health in the the criminal justice system. In the extremely rare occurrences that Grace has some time to spare for herself, she re-reads the Harry Potter series for the millionth time and bakes her famous ferrero-rocher cupcakes.

Te Whanganui-a-Tara / Wellington

  • - Research Coordinator

    Jordan is a Criminology PhD candidate at Victoria University, and her research focusses on dangerousness and risk in modern New Zealand society. Her areas of interest also include punitiveness, sentencing policy, and imprisonment. Jordan is passionate about criminal justice, and got involved with JustSpeak because she strongly believes in an evidence based approach to criminal justice policy.

  • - President - JustSpeak on Campus - Victoria University of Wellington

    Ella became involved in JustSpeak as an intern in 2016, then went on to join the university group JustSpeak on Campus. Ella studied Criminology alongside Sociology in her undergraduate degree at Victoria University, and this is where she was introduced to the issues in New Zealand's criminal justice system. She is now completing her Honours degree in Sociology. Ella is particularly interested in mass incarceration in New Zealand, specifically the disproportionate numbers of Māori in New Zealand prisons, and hopes that her involvement in JustSpeak can help to educate people on these issues.

  • - Volunteer Coordinator

    Helen is one of the new volunteer-coordinators for Wellington. Originally from Auckland, she completed a Master of Arts in Sociology at the University of Auckland some time ago and has spent the last few years training and working as a facilitator in Australia and Aotearoa. She currently works as a Restorative Justice facilitator and sexual abuse prevention educator. Helen joined JustSpeak because she is certain ‘another world is possible’ and is passionate about supporting young people to envision a justice system that is premised on care, compassion and robust evidence. Helen has previously worked with activists and campaigners to help build a culture of sustainable activism and wellness through the Australian based project, Plan To Thrive.

  • - Volunteer Coordinator

    Eleanor is one of the new Volunteer Coordinators for Wellington JustSpeak. After completing a BA in English Literature in Wellington at Victoria University, Eleanor is enjoying a break from studying and is working in hospitality. Eleanor joined JustSpeak because she is committed to a change in the New Zealand justice system that focuses on restorative justice with community support and youth involvement.

  • - Campaign Coordinator

    Ngawai has recently completed her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, International Relations and Sociology. She joined JustSpeak in 2015 as an intern, with a research focus on the issue of the over-representation of Māori in the criminal justice system. Ngawai is passionate about such issues, and in particular, research surrounding Māori women within the New Zealand justice system and Māori feminism.

  • - Policy Coordinator

    Andrea comes to us from almost 2 decades at Inland Revenue and Treasury where she was a tax specialist. She is now on a gap year while she works out what she wants to be when she grows up. Andrea is a trustee for Yoga Education in Prisons trust and writes a tax blog www.letstalkabouttaxnz.com. She is very concerned by the increasing social imbalances in New Zealand of which the rising prison population is the starkest example. As well as raising the average age for JustSpeak Andrea is our Policy Coordinator.

  • - Communications Coordinator

    Lucy completed her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and International Relations in 2015 and is juggling work with studying part time towards her Honours degree in Criminology at Victoria University of Wellington. Her research is informed by a feminist perspective and her lived experiences of gendered violence. Her particular research focuses are sexual violence and domestic violence, and sensible drug policy. Lucy is passionate about involving youth in criminal justice issues and making sure their voices are heard.

  • - Fundraising Advisor

    Ta’ase is Just Speak’s Funding Advisor. In her day-job she works with charities on their fundraising strategy, marketing and communications. Ta’ase has BA in Linguistics and has undertaken post-graduate studies in Public Policy. In 2013 she completed the FINZ Certificate in Fundraising. Ta’ase is interested in working in the charitable sector building capacity through strong, sustainable fundraising programmes. In her spare time, Ta’ase enjoys writing, playing netball and enjoying good food with friends and family.

  • - Research Intern

    Chris came to New Zealand from the United States to a complete a 4-month internship with Just Speak. He received his Master's degree in Criminal Justice in May of 2016 and is currently using this internship to better understand the NZ criminal justice system. Chris is currently working on a project that explores the concept of Justice Reinvestment and how this concept can be implemented here in New Zealand. After his internship is up, Chris plans to find similar work back home doing research around the problems that plague the US's criminal justice system.

  • - JustSpeak Intern

    Shannon Mower is an Intern at JustSpeak in the Wellington office. Hailing from Whakatane, Shannon has a strong passion for criminal justice, and became involved with JustSpeak through Victoria University, where she is currently finishing a double major in Psychology and Criminology. In 2017 Shannon will be beginning honours in Criminology. The remainder of her time is spent working in hospitality as a barista and functions host. In between study and work Shannon can be found at the gym, getting coffee with friends, or out and about enjoying our beautiful city.