By JustSpeak, Nov 02, 2016

Substance Addition (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Bill Submission


1. JustSpeak welcomes the opportunity to submit on the Substance Addiction (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Bill (the Bill). 

2. JustSpeak is a non-partisan network of people across Aotearoa interested in contributing to the debate on criminal justice in New Zealand. As an organisation comprised primarily of young people, JustSpeak represents a new generation of thinkers working for change in the criminal justice system. We advocate for an informed criminal justice discussion based on evidence, experience and compassion.

3. JustSpeak is submitting on the Bill because of the substantial overlap between drug policy and criminal justice policy. JustSpeak supports the Bill because it takes a health-based approach to addiction. This as a more effective, and more appropriate, lens through which to view addiction issues, as opposed to viewing addiction as a criminal problem requiring a punishment-based solution


Download the full submission here.