The Results Are In! Election Forum Scorecard details

The results are in! The audiences from our recent Election Forums have given their assessments on the criminal justice priorities of each political party.

JustSpeak outlined our priorities for election 2017, and the audiences overwhelmingly agreed with us that these are the key criminal justice issues this election:

  • Reduce the record prison population

  • Reduce targeted criminalisation of Māori

  • Empower communities to reduce social harm and criminalisation

  • Invest in community and justice initiatives with promising results.

Our election priorities can be read in full here.

But did they think that the politicians shared these goals? We asked audience members to score each politician out of 10 on each of these key issues. We’ve calculated each political party’s average...

So who came out on top?


*Based on 83 scorecards completed by audience members at the 2 JustSpeak election forums held in Auckland and Wellington. This does not represent the official JustSpeak analysis of party policies which will be released on 4 September.

Across all politicians there was an average score of just over 6 in each area except reducing the targeted criminalisation of Māori, which disappointingly scored an average of just under 6 out of 10. This is a reminder of how far we still have to go in this conversation, and highlights how important your vote is in ensuring we have a fair and just criminal justice system.