justice is serveD

We know that impactful social change happens best when we work together as communities. And what better way to join together in conversation and collaboration than over a meal! Justice Is Served is a package of tools to help us dig into conversations about justice with people in our communities, while we all dig into some kai.

We don’t need to be experts on justice to know what good justice looks like, but we do all need to talk about justice to help change the conversation. Our step by step guide will help you have productive conversations about justice with anyone - young, old, and from anywhere on the political spectrum.

Join us to change the conversation and build a fairer and more compassionate justice system. Scroll down to register, and then grab some food, drinks and friends and get chatting!

Here’s what people have said about Justice Is Served:

“Justice is Served...provided a platform for people of different backgrounds to come together and discuss opinions, experiences and perspective which aren’t always the easiest to talk about, in a friendly and open forum”  - Matt, Law student, attendee

​“Justice is Served nimbly balanced between a warm, safe space for discussion, and a purposely uncomfortable challenge to address injustices in our society. We left with a sombre awareness of the enormity of the task ahead of us, but the reassurance of knowing where to start, and who we can turn to for support along the way” - Jordan, member of public, attendee