Reclaiming Justice: Beyond #metoo

We want a world where equity and opportunity mean we can all live our lives with confidence, respect and dignity. 

In this world we would all have workplaces that nurture our talents and foster healthy interpersonal dynamics. We’d meet friends for dinner after work and walk home through the town belt or Myers Park without thinking twice. We’d be free to come and go from relationships when we choose, and we’d be safe to live our lives as our true authentic selves.

We wouldn’t need to clutch keys between our knuckles or choose our clothing so that we’re less likely to be targets of violence.

Gendered violence is a crisis that affects all of us. To change it requires a massive cultural shift and a re-imaging of what solutions look like. 

We need to look beyond our damaging justice system that further entrenches patterns of violence, and towards alternatives that work to interrupt and deconstruct patterns of violence in our society. By doing this work, we can find the tools to create a world based on respect, healing, and accountability.

Come along to this panel discussion and hear leaders working in the gendered violence field talk about what works and where we need to be heading in order to bring about the social changes we all want and deserve.


Reclaiming Justice: Beyond #metoo
Thursday 21 November
Adam Auditorium
City Gallery Wellington

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