Reframing Crime and Justice

August 13, 2019

JustSpeak is teaming up with The Workshop on a project looking at how to effectively talk about criminal justice reform in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The first phase report is available here:

International research has shown that providing people with “more or better” information about effective criminal justice policy has little impact on people’s views about criminal justice. We need to find a different narrative or frame for discussions. We need to activate commonly held values and create space for people to see, believe and integrate facts and evidence about criminal  justice reform.  This in turn will build support for laws and policies that will reduce crime and incarceration and reduce inequality in justice outcomes.

This project will encourage a well-informed and constructive public engagement on justice by developing messaging tools that connect evidence-based policies with the shared values we all hold as  New Zealanders. The research will look at values and frames used in the public narrative about criminal justice, draw on multidisciplinary research to identify strategies and tools with promise and then develop and test new evidence-based messages.  

More information on the project here: