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Treat drug usage as a health issue

Calling on the Government to treat drug usage as a health issue by repealing and replacing the Misuse of Drugs Act
Treat drug usage as a health issueTake Action

COVID-19 and people in prison

Calling on the government to take urgent action to reduce the number of people in prison to protect them, their whānau, and workers
COVID-19 and people in prisonTake Action

Right to Vote for All

Calling on the Government to enshrine voting rights for all people who are incarcerated
Right to Vote for AllTake Action
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Together we have made enormous progress towards our vision, but there is much work to be done into the future. Our plans for 2021 and beyond to advance this kaupapa centre around our three strategic pillars, with a specific focus on key initiatives that - with your support - we can put into action over the next three years.

Strategic Pillar One: Capacity and Community Building
To grow the power of our organisation and the wider justice movement to achieve lasting systems change, we want to invest in the capacity of and connections between our community. To that end we will;

- Develop and disseminate a range of educational offerings that grow the size and power of JustSpeak’s 18 - 29 year-old volunteer base, with a focus on increased campaign action and influence.

- Pilot a place-based capacity building program that builds the advocacy capability and power of (predominantly) Māori and Pasifika high school students to grow their influence for justice transformation.

Strategic Pillar Two: Narrative and Media
To truly transform the system we need a long term shift in public attitudes and beliefs, by changing yesterday’s conversation about law and order to today’s conversation about community well-being. Over the next three years we will;

- Develop and disseminate evidence-based messaging and stories that shift the public narrative on justice away from police, prisons and punishment toward community interventions, health and wellbeing

- Train and support experts (including lived experience experts), unlikely allies and young people to drive the media agenda on justice reform and solutions - including a particular focus on wāhine Māori

Strategic Pillar Three: Advocacy and Campaigns
Meaningful change requires pressure on decision makers to act by shifting policy and resources away from prisons and punishment  and toward community interventions, health and well-being. Our mission in 2021 and beyond is to;

- Grow the knowledge base for the drivers of, and solutions to, the mass incarceration of Māori, with a focus on wāhine Māori 

- Deliver focused advocacy and campaigns that challenge these drivers and enable solutions.

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If you’re keen to fundraise in support of JutSpeak, we can help make that happen. We can provide all the information and promotional materials to make your fundraiser as easy and effective as possible. Depending on the scale of your activity, we can also help with guest speakers from within the JustSpeak team and wider community.
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Gifts in Wills
Leaving a gift in your Will is a powerful way you can leave a lasting legacy of change. For many, this can be the final step of a lifetime of service to justice and one that will continue to build a fair and flourishing Aotearoa for generations to come. If you wish to discuss your wishes with us further, in confidence, please contact us below.
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Justice Champions
Becoming a Justice Champion is a powerful way you can help us build support for a compassionate and effective justice system. Your monthly donation will enable us to deliver advocacy, education and public outreach programmes that strengthen our collective movement, and shift public attitudes and narratives on criminal justice.
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