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Kōrero is key for building a better society

Voting is one way to achieve the changes we want to see in our Government’s approach to crime and justice. But we can be justice advocates outside the polling station too! We can do this by talking with whānau and friends about issues in the criminal justice system and how we think they could be resolved. We don’t need to be experts on justice, but we do all need to talk about it to help grow support for a better system.

Having open conversation with the people in your life is so important. Just like voting, kōrero with our friends and whānau is a powerful way to share your values and influence your community. It helps plant the seed of thought for a different perspective, and it helps people to see how they can be changemakers themselves. 

We invite you to use our Justice Is Served step-by-step guide to facilitate a conversation about justice.

Have a get together,  share kai, pick a topic, kōrero, and open your heart and mind to different perspectives. You never know how you and your loved ones might be inspired by that kōrero!

Justice is Served - use our guide