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You can have your say by voting

General elections take place in Aotearoa New Zealand every three years. They decide which political party will run the government for the following three years. There will be a general election on 14 October 2023, and this is an important opportunity for all of us to have our voices heard.

The first thing you need to do to have your say in this year’s election is enrol to vote

Then, get to know the options

You don’t need to be an expert to vote: take a look at the priorities that different parties promote in their election campaigns, and vote for the candidates that reflect your values. Different parties have different ideas about crime and justice, and they each have different plans for how they would manage the justice system if they are voted into power at this year’s election. If you want your vote to help transform the justice system, take a look at these plans and think about which ones reflect the changes that you want to see.

Not sure who to vote for?
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Voting doesn’t need to be boring!

Get some friends and whānau together for some kai on the election day and you can head down to your local voting station together. Just remember: your vote is your business. You don’t need to tell anyone which party you’re planning to vote for. It can be helpful to talk to people you know and trust about the different parties and their policies, but don’t let anyone tell you how to vote. You should make your own decision about how you use your voice.

Get in touch with your MP

While you’re waiting for the election, you can also get in touch with your local MP. If you’re worried about the way the Government is dealing with crime and justice at the moment, you can write to your MP or even request a meeting. Find out how to get in touch here.